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New! Rent A Storage Building at Our perkins Lot

Located in Perkins, Oklahoma

RV and Boat parking

We sell top-quality Dump Trailers made by Friesen Welding, a small Oklahoma manufacturer with 30 years experience building trailers. They have conscientious employees and excellent quality control, and you will love their powder coat paint job. Their wait time is back to a month or two, if we don’t have what you need.

The tail gates on the Dump Trailers can swing open on side hinges and hook back so you don’t damage them when you dump your load.  But they can also swing open at the bottom with hinges mounted on the top.  Using a chain to hold them with a small or larger opening, you can spread your load as you drive forward.  Great feature! 

The dump cylinder is operated by a quality Interstate battery that is kept charge through your trucks generating system.  The control cable to operate the dump is long enough that you can stand at the back of the dump trailer and see what is happening.  Makes dumping easy and clean. 

Let us know your needs and we will do our best to help you. We can order additional sizes and options.  Just ask.

Dump Trailer Pricing