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New! Rent A Storage Building at Our perkins Lot

Located in Perkins, Oklahoma

RV and Boat parking

We offer you an unheard-of option!  Maybe just what you need!  Read on.

You can rent a storage building on our lot with our 3-year RTO (rent-to-own) plan.  Yes, you actually buy the building while you use it as self-storage on our lot.  

At anytime during the 3-year RTO period, you can hire Prairie Land Enterprises, LLC (our associated delivery company) to haul that building to your back yard–and just keep on paying on your RTO contract.  Once you pay it off, it yours! 

If you want to pay it off when you have it delivered to your site, we will apply 20% of what you have paid to reduce your pay-off amount. 

If you leave it on our lot for 36 months, you have finish paying off the building.  You can still leave it on our lot, and you will pay us “space rent.”  The space rent charge will be 60% of the normal Rent-a-building price. 

We usually set up ACH payments for our rentals and RTO.  But we also accept credit cards (Visa, MC and Discover) for your payments

We want you to understand your options, including our RTO plan. If you have questions, ask.  We serve our customers! We want what works best for you!

Get your storage unit today!!  Why delay?